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PHSU Public Health Students Visit Villalba

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By Students of Public Health Program, PHSU

On October 25, 2017, the Public Health Intervention teams that consisted of Public Health Students and faculty conducted an educational activity that was carried out in the community of Apiaderos in the municipality of Villalba. The intervention consisted in providing information related to general preventive measures in Public Health such as water management and disinfection, personal hygiene, hand washing, proper handling of food and vector control in their homes and surrounding areas.  In addition, people was oriented about the handling and use of the filter directed for the purification of the water. At the end of the educational activity, essential items were provided along with the educational material.

In the course of the visits to the community, waters samples were taken from areas of water consumption used by the residents of Apiaderos.  These samples will provide an estimate of the quality of water that is consumed. Once the processing of samples of the water was completed, water filter systems were given to leaders of the community that were accessible for the delivery of the water to the rest of the residents. Each of the leaders were trained about the proper use and maintenance of the filters. Here are some images of what happened.

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PHSU Public Health Students Visit Villalba